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StruCIM is a fully-automated system for robotic cutting and welding that takes your structural designs from engineering data to fabricated assemblies within a single, powerful, easy-to-use solution.

StruCIM offers a variety of hardware solutions to fit your particular needs and existing production lines. With StruCIM’s intuitive interface, operators can quickly fabricate complex parts and assemblies with no robotics experience.

Accelerate Beam Processing Using
StruCIM's Job Automator

Fabrication jobs can benefit from the automated batching and optimization of assemblies for beam cutting. StruCIM's Job Automator helps speed through large batches of DSTV files and creates tightly nested beams that will result in less scrap and more production time spent producing perfect parts.


A complete folder of DSTV parts are loaded then organized from the assembly information into a table of part specs. Complete cutting paths are computed, the optimal grouping of parts are computed and the paths for the robot plasma cutting system are automatically created.


Manage multiple complex channel cuts from a single stock blank

Job Automator creates detailed reports to show batch specs


  • Load all job DSTV files into one comprehensive table

  • Create useful reporting of all job specs 

  • Total beam count

  • Total job weight

  • Number of blanks/stock material required

  • Sort beams by profile

  • Nesting for reduction of scrap

  • Full programming for rules-based cutting



  • Channels, H-Beams, Square Tubes, Clip Angle Flat Plate

  • Other popular profiles

  • Direct download to all popular controllers

  • Kuka/Motoman/ABB/Reis/Fanuc/Kawasaki

StruCIM Beam Cutting Solution